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NextGen Gallery is a full integrated image gallery plugin for WordPress, with a slideshow option, the ability to create multiple galleries and a built in admin system.

The Gallery Admin System is located near the bottom of the bottom of the main navigation. When the tab is expanded, you will see the various Admin options. These include Overview, Add Gallery/Images, Manage Galleries, Tags and About.

The Overview is similar to the Dashboard Administration Screen,instead of displaying number of Posts, Pages and WordPress news, it displays the number of Images, Galleries and Albums, as well as the Plugin news.

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Here is where you will create galleries and
add images to those galleries.There are four tabs across the top of the editing area, three of which you will most likely use, Upload Images, Add New Gallery, and Upload a Zip File.

Upload Images

This is the most common way you will upload images to your gallery. It is very similar to uploading an image to the Media Library the difference is that an image MUST be assigned a gallery to be loaded to.

Upload Image
Here you will click on the browse button to choose the image to upload.

In To
This is where you will choose a gallery to add the images to, it has a drop down menu. Clicking on the arrow will display all the galleries that you have created.

Upload Images
Once you have selected your image and gallery, click this button. This will set the action to add the image to the assigned gallery. If you do not pick a gallery you will receive an error message.

Add New Gallery

Here you will create the gallery/galleries you wish to diplay on your pages.

New Gallery
Here all that is required is for you to type in the name of your gallery, you can use any letter, numbers and the symbols – or _ only in the title.

Add Gallery
Once you have named your gallery click on the add gallery button to create it. Once you have you will recive a message at the top of the screen notifying you of the gallery created, you will also be given the short code to call the gallery eg..[nggallery id=1]. You can choose to copy this code and paste it to the page you want to add it to or you can choose to ignore it. This message WILL NOT display again, so if you choose to ignore it don’t worry there is an easier way to add galleries to your pages

Upload a Zip-File

Select Zip-File
Click on browse button to search for the zip-file on your computer to upload to the gallery.

or enter a Zip-File URL
This will only be used if the file you want to add is already uploaded to a web-server. If you are not sure, then you should use the previous method and upload straight from the computer.

in to
Same as uploading single images to a gallery, Zipped files must also be assigned a Gallery. It is important that your zipped files only contain images for the gallery you are loading them to. If you zip all your images in one folder you can not allocate which images will go to which gallery. click on the arrow to display the list of gallerys, and select the one you require.

Start Upload
When everything is complete, click on the Start Upload button. You will see a process bar appear on the screen and once that is complete another process bar labeled “Creating Thumbnails” will appear. When both have finished, you will have a notification apear confirming which Gallery and how many photos have been uploaded.

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This screen displays an overview of all the galleries that have been created. Its here that you can edit images in the gallery, edit the galleries themesleves and also delete galleries

The ID is the unique code to identify each gallery, When the galleries are posted on the dispaly pages, it is called by ID not name

Displays the gallery name

You can choose to add a description of the gallery, this is done in the editing process. If you have a description it will be displayed here.

Displays the person who created the gallery

Page ID
content to come

Displays the number of images in that gallery

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